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DIY: Photographers & Books at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Bless This House: Print on Demand Version Cover

I am thrilled that my print on demand book, Bless This House was selected for inclusion in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s exhibition, DIY: Photographers & Books. It is a huge honor to have my work included with so many of my photography idols including Martin Parr, Stephen Shore, Daido Moriyama, Joachim Schmid, Kirk Crippens, and Larry Fink. Also included are two 23 Sandy artists, Bea Nettles and Heidi Neilson. This exhibition is on view now through December 30, 2012. Stop by if you happen to be in the Cleveland area.

Bless this House is a photography project created with Nicole Bowmer documenting the destruction of three trailer parks in Beaverton, Oregon during the depths of the recession. It was a heart-wrenching project to work on for both of us as we watched 247 families lose their homes.

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s exhibition web site says:

A new golden age of the photobook has dawned, thanks to digital printing technology and web-based distribution services that allow rapid, inexpensive production of books in quantities from one copy to thousands. This exhibition is the first museum show to focus on the impact of print-on-demand publishing on contemporary photographic practice. Instead of images on the wall, the room will be dominated by a long table where a visual banquet of more than 100 photobooks will await the visitor. Several examples of historic and unique books will be in cases, but for most of the volumes, touching, reading, and re-reading will be encouraged. The books will be by regional, national, and international artists. Plans include a computer station where visitors can try their own hand at producing a photobook.

See a roster of the books included in the show here.

Or, purchase a print on demand catalog of the show here.

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