Urban Poetry NYC

This artist book showcases stencil graffiti found on the streets of New York City. The graffiti creates poetic and profound statements about the social issues of our times and carries anti-consumer, anti-war and pro-love messages. New York’s stencil graffiti is pictorial and less political, leaving many of the images open to interpretation by the reader.

Urban Poetry NYC
Limited Edition Artist Book

To purchase this book contact Laura.

Post-bound covers are titled with spray paint. Covers are handmade paper by St. Armand. Archival digital printing on Mohawk Superfine paper. 9” x 8.5”, 24 pages. 31 original photographs. Signed and numbered. Edition of 200. ©2002

Urban Poetry NYC: Interior Spread

Urban Poetry: Interior Spread

Urban Poetry NYC: Cover

Urban Poetry NYC: Found Stencil Graffiti

Urban Poetry NYC: Found Stencil Graffiti







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