Hit The Road!

Highway 99 runs all the way from Canada to Mexico. In its heyday, Highway 99 was the main corridor through Washington, Oregon and California. Replaced by Interstate 5 in the mid-1960’s, Highway 99 still beckons with neon signs, shaped buildings, gentle giants and other roadside attractions that take us back to simpler times and happy road trips.

Hit the Road! is volume one in a series featuring each of the three states. The artist spent close to three years traveling Highway 99 to photograph and catalog Washington’s roadside attractions. Outside of Seattle and Tacoma, Washington has only a handful of remaining art•ifacts, but the ones that still stand are worth preserving. The 18 attractions featured in Hit the Road! are displayed in loosely interpreted geographically correct order from North to South.

Hit the Road!
Highway 99 Roadside Art•ifacts Volume 1
Limited Edition Artist Book by Laura Russell

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Single layer horizontal flag book with cloth bound cover and ribbon tie to display open. Archival digital printing on Red River Polar Matte paper. 9” x 5.75” x 1” Includes an insert card with a map listing each attraction. Original color photographs by the artist. Signed and numbered. Presented in a clamshell box. Edition of 25. ©2008.

Hit The Road! Interior Extended Plus Map


Hit The Road! Interior View



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