Fly: Aviation’s Pioneer Women

Accordion structure artist book that celebrates the women of aviation’s history. Quotations from these pioneer women are paired with handmade paper collages depicting a runway, a compass, a flight formation and a flag.

I have lifted my plane . . . for perhaps a thousand flights and I have
never felt her wheels glide from the Earth into the air without knowing
the uncertainty and the exhilaration of first-born adventure.

—Beryl Markham
First person to fly solo across the
Atlantic Ocean the “hard way” against
the headwinds, 1936

Fly: Aviation’s Pioneer Women
Limited Edition Artist Book
Sold Out!

Laser printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Five handmade paper collages on interior and cover. Silver metallic leather cover. 5.5” x 5.5” x 42” Edition of 20. Presented in a matching slipcase. ©2003 Signed and numbered.

Fly: Interior Open

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