Exquisite Warriors – 2nd Edition

Parkinson’s Disease, typically thought of as a disease of old men, is a neurodegenerative brain disorder. There is no cure. It is a long, slow descent into an unseen, isolating disease. They say PD is not genetic. My own mother suffered with it for nearly 20 years before I was diagnosed. The good news is, I know what’s coming. The bad news is, I know what’s coming.

This limited edition artist book is an “exquisite corpse” structure celebrating 26 “Exquisite Warrior” women battling this terrifying disease. On the recto pages, photos of women in their best power pose, submitted by my new network of friends with PD.

Three different narratives flow on the verso panels. FATE: an abecedarian listing of PD symptoms. FACT: a hopeful narrative about my own journey. FEAR: quotations submitted by the warriors about their worst fears. This book is an empowering exploration of exquisite women! All profits from this edition will be donated to an organization supporting women with PD.

This second edition follows the sold out deluxe first edition of Exquisite Warriors. That first edition sold out in a spark and raised $12,000 for three non-profits working with women with PD. All profits from the sale of this second edition artist book (that’s $50 per book!) will be donated to the following non-profit organizations supporting women with Parkinson’s Disease:

Twitchy Woman – Blog, support groups and mentoring for women with PD. Exquisite Warrior first edition scholarships help 14 women to attend 2023 World Parkinson’s Congress in Barcelona. twitchywoman.com

Parkinson’s Africa – Providing previously non-existent educational, support and healthcare resources for Africans with PD. Funds from the Exquisite Warriors first edition sent staff members to 2023 World Parkinson’s Congress. parkinsonsafrica.org

PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery – Providing access to cutting-edge Parkinson’s disease-specific exercise programs. Both direct to patients and by certifying therapists and trainers worldwide. Exquisite Warriors first edition provided gym memberships to disadvantaged women plus grants for therapists in Africa. pwr4life.org

Click here to learn the full back story behind the Exquisite Warriors project
from conception through the first edition, including a flip book, videos and text excerpts.

Exquisite Warriors
Second Open Edition Artist Book
BUY NOW! $100 (50% of proceeds donated to the 3 non-profits listed above)

Exquisite corpse structure. Spiral binding with wrap around cover. Digital Prints. 60 pages. 5.5 x 9.3625 x .75 inches. Signed and numbered. 2023. Open Edition, Second Edition Artist Book. Paper graciously donated by Kelly Spice Paper Company.

Click here to see a flip book of Exquisite Warriors in action.

Watch a 1-minute sneak peek video of the Exquisite Warriors book here.

Click here to see a talk about the first-edition book and the inspiration behind it.
Thank you to Twitchy Woman for hosting this talk.



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