Bold Heart

Bold Heart by Laura Russell

Bold Heart is the second in a series of books about Diana, the Goddess of Hunting—or more precisely, the Modern Day Diana. In this book, my 15-year-old niece poses as Diana (aka Artemis). Photographs of Hanna posing as Diana with her bow and arrows and her prey are paired with photographs of deer hidden in the woods.

Diana was not only the Goddess of Hunting, but she was also the protectress of teenage girls, making Hanna the perfect model. Diana cherished the traits that made her a strong, independent woman—which Hanna is already destined to be. Forever young, Diana defended untamed nature, high mountains and sacred woods. She was also a protector of women and childbirth and the Goddess of the Moon.

The text featured in this book comes from the Homeric Hymn 27 to Artemis (trans. Evelyn-White) a Greek epic C7th to 4th B.C. In that poem Homer calls her a “goddess with a bold heart.”

Bold Heart by Laura RussellThe text below the photos reads: “Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks she draws her golden bow, rejoicing in the chase, and sends out grievous shafts. The tops of the high mountains tremble and the tangled wood echoes awesomely with the outcry of beasts: the earth quakes and the sea also where fishes shoal. But the goddess with a bold heart turns every way destroying the race of wild beasts:and when she is satisfied and has cheered her heart, then the huntress who delights in arrows slackens her supple bow.”

Learn more about the Modern Day Diana series here.

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Bold Heart
Limited Edition Artist Book

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Carousel book. Archival pigment prints on Red River Polar Matte paper. Cover: binders board covered with handmade paper that looks like animal hide made by Andrea Peterson at Hook Pottery Paper. Carousel is 5 panels/pages. Closed: 4 x 6 x .75 inches (w x h x d). Extends out to  26 inches long. Displays as carousel at 8 x 8 x 6 inches. 2015. Edition of 25.







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