Project in Progress

Portals to Heaven

This project has been in progress for a few years now as I’ve collected photographs of what I call “DIY Churches.” And, one of these days I’ll feel that I’ve shot enough photos to have a complete body of work and this project will become an artist book.

These storefront, home made churches are a fascinating subject for me. Their signage, structures and messages are very compelling for some reason. Maybe it’s the lapsed Catholic in me.

I recently ran across this YouTube video, Portals to Heaven, that I created some time ago for a Slide Luck Pot Show event here in Portland. At the time it was very fun work with these church images. Now that my schedule is freeing up a bit and it’s time to get back to the studio, perhaps I should to turn my attention back to this project and either shoot more photos or start designing the book.

Tomorrow is my first studio day in a few months. The gallery and other obligations have kept me much too busy lately. Perhaps, with a little faith, the creative winds blow in this direction.

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