Casa Milà – The Poem

I consider myself a reluctant writer. Most days I procrastinate over writing even the simplest web copy, press release, or letter—all of which are required regularly for my business. But, when it comes to writing text to include in one of my books I love the challenge and the process. Here is the poem I wrote for Casa Milà, my tribute to Antoni Gaudí.

Casa Milà.
Gaudí’s sentinels
dance across the roof,
guarding the skies.
Curving, sensuous,
undulating, ventilating.
Chimneys, stairways, vents
all living, breathing.
Helmeted warriors
protecting his dream,
his vision of beauty and art
and the glitter of truth.
Antoni proclaimed:
“The straight line belongs to man,
the curved one to God.”

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