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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any news. So sorry for such a long time away! Must get back into the habit of being an artist again. This work of found street art was great inspiration to do just that.

Last week I attended a meeting of our local Portland Book Arts Guild. We had an assignment based on a selection of cards from Barb Tetenbaum and Julie Chen’s Ideation Cards. The book that I made for that assignment came from this piece of street art that I found pasted to an electrical box in Bellingham, Washington a few years ago. I have no idea who the artist was who created this terrific “pasteup.”  A pasteup is a printed or photo copied sheet of paper that is glued to a traffic pole, building or perhaps an electrical box that often contains some political or artistic message or original art by the usually unknown artist.

This particular pasteup titled, “FOGY, SAVIOR, BURDEN, MENTOR” was four sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch photo copies attached to an electrical box with duct tape. The four panels show a progressively growing portrait created by rubber stamping a new word on each panel. The first panel at the top left uses only the word “FOGY.” The second panel a the top adds the word “SAVIOR” and so on. The resulting portrait image is a haunting face of an old person.

For our assignment I used this pasteup to make a small booklet made from one sheet of paper. The front side contains the image you see at right and the back side of the sheet contains the final fourth panel blown up large enough to fill the entire sheet of paper. A simple slit and two folds made it into a small booklet.

If you are reading this blog post and you send me an email I will send you a copy of this powerful little booklet just for the asking. Find my email address on my contact page. Send me your address and I’ll send you a book.

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